Home Decor


Always come prepared.



  1. Bar tools with bling. Rose gold or silver for the hostess with the mostest cocktail flair.

  2. 100% Cotton kitchen towels. Decorative, fun, & certainly a creative ways to wrap any one of these thoughtful gifts.

  3. Patchouli diffuser. For the host(ess) who can never have enough boho in their home.

  4. Beautiful stationery. Why not make the thank yous even easier?

  5. Artisan candle. Home decor never looked or smelled so good.

  6. Succulent Planters. Because that indoor garden they’ve been wanting isn’t going to start by itself.

  7. Card For Humanity. Game night will never be the same.

  8. Mini film camera. Instantly capture moments into memories.

Happy Holidays from DCD!


10 ways to give back to your fuzzy best friend

  1. Satisfy their sweet tooth. Simply because you love your furry friend.

  2. Stay active! Run through a pile of fallen leaves.

  3. Add it to the cart. It’s never too early for holiday shopping.

  4. Ruff beyond the dog park. Perhaps a scenic wilderness hike.

  5. Play dress up. Let their alter-egos shine at the Halloween dog parade.

  6. Cultivate kindness. Volunteer with your doggo.

  7. Create a lasting memory & gift! Like this easy imprint.

  8. Be their paparazzi. Post them on Insta, make it go viral & watch the likes will go wild.

  9. Visit a pumpkin patch. Let your pal sniff out the best one.

  10. Grab a bite. Here are restaurants with canine menus.

Falling For Fall

Because it’s basically the best season of the year.




  1. Go apple picking. Eat a few & bring a few home to share with friends.

  2. Mull it over. We’re talking mulled wine of course.

  3. Pumpkin patch it. Where else can you score the best Insta selfies?

  4. Picnic at the park with your besties. There are still warm days left!

  5. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Beer + polka + sausage = fall fantastic.

  6. Explore the great outdoors. Here are some of the best trails for fall foliage.

  7. Tour a vineyard. Learn something about wine… or just drink it!

  8. Spend a day antiquing. It’s the best way to shop and recycle!

  9. Season decorating. Add some autumn warmth to your home.