For easy outdoor dining. Happy picnicking!

  1. Must haves. Picnic basket, & napkins/towels.
  2. Keep your rosé & food cool. Try this trick.
  3. Delicious noms. Keep it easy & pick up some good eats at your local deli or cheese shop.
  4. Go for stemless wine glass. For less party fouls & even more Instagram moments.
  5. Bring blankets & pillows. Or kick it up a notch with     an inflatable couch.
  6. Pack plenty of water. When rosé isn’t cutting it anymore, quench that thirst & stay hydrated.
  7. Mason jars for the inner hipster. Chicer than Tupperware to get the same job done.
  8. Bring reusable utensils. And go green! Clean up after yourself & leave no trace behind, the Earth will thank you.


And most importantly, no matter where you are, enjoy the moment with your friends & family.