A Few Ways To Give Thanks This Month

Here’s to the season of giving

Harvest pillows.jpg

1. Volunteer. This app makes it easy to find local opportunities to lend a hand.

2. Reach out. Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, or go old school & mail them a hand-written card telling them why they are so special to you.

3. Donate. Clear your home of items you no longer need & give to those who do!

4. Express gratitude. Make it part of your daily routine to everyone around you.

5. Gift someone. Say thanks with something beautiful & useful.

5 Random Acts Of Self-Kindness

Devote this month to enhance your well-being


1. Connect with your senses. Take a solo morning walk or a relaxing bath.

2. Expand your comfort zone. Join a meetup or travel somewhere new.

3. Upgrade your everyday items. Improve the sustainability of the things around you.

4. Set new goals for yourself. Keep a journal to stay on track.

5. Meditate. Calm & focus the mind to connect to your inner workings.

The Do's For This Summer's Mercury Retrograde

Its made a triumphant return


Misunderstandings, travel delays, technology issues, not to mention emotional and behavioral changes, are just a few known traits of Mercury being in retrograde again. Frustrating, especially in Leo season. However there are ways to survive and thrive over the next 3-weeks. Here’s our list:

1. Build an epic playlist. Curate songs to help you tune out the world & tune into yourself

2. Extra self-care. Meditate, get a massage, take walks, or stay inside & binge watch your favorite shows

3. Reconnect with old friends. Gather for a picnic & get sentimental

4. Clear your home's energy. Burn some sage & re-energize with fresh soft bath towels

Be the Host With the Most

Flower Drink.jpg

What’s a better way to celebrate the warm weather than hosting a spring kickoff gathering with close friends & family?

Here are a few ideas to bring a smile to your guests & yours:

1. Not sure where to start? No better way then to create a theme

2. Be bold: Decorate with bright floral arrangements & colorful tea towels for table-settings.

3. Nothing like a playlist to set the vibes & liven up the atmosphere.

4. String some lights & spark some candles. Mood lighting = everything.

5. Don't stress: Cook something in season that’s easy w/ big impact.

6. Let the booze flow. Did I hear someone say signature cocktail?

Spring Renewal

Easy-breezy ways to transition your home for the season.


1. Fresh flowers are a must. A mood boosting & fragrant way to create a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Or a touch of greenery. A single palm leaf is a quick pick-me-up.

3. New tea towels. Go for colorful prints like these or our new “Anemone Branch” (pictured above) for a more zen vibe.

4. Make a stovetop potpourri brew. A creative way to a spring-scented home.

5. Upgrade to handmade ceramic dinnerware. Stylish & insta-worthy for every meal.