Cocktail Your Bath!

Have It Your Way!


Staycation?  Slip into a bath with our top 6 essential oil cocktails to restore, relax or rejuvenate:   

1. Power house Peppermint does not disappoint. Your go to for increase blood circulation & fast relief of all your aches

2. Eucalyptus: a dab of this natural wonder will banish any dark mood & clear away all congestion  

3. Take the tension off with a chamomile cocktail bath: guarantee to ease tension headaches or migraines

4. Rosemary oil is a great elixir for increased energy and motivation 

5. Confused? Looking for clarity? Add a few drops of lemon essential oil  to your warm bath - it will increase your insight and sense of purpose.  

6. Lavender: Just a few drops will calm & relax you like a blissful pre-bed lullaby.