Summer fun jump off w the kids

Need inspiration for summer fun? Check out some of our favorites & share some of your own.

Beach Photo Edited.jpg


  1. Make s'mores. Here's a version you can try on the stove  top.
  2. Swim under a waterfallNot over one!

  3. Make homemade popsiclesIt’s the perfect treat on a hot day.

  4. Throw a tie-dye party. Don’t forget to make one for the pooch.

  5. Stargaze. Grab the sleeping bags & make it a slumber party.

  6. Go green. Visit your local farmer's market for some sample tastings & fresh produce.

  7. Say yes! Celebrate July 4th as a true day of independence — Let your kids call the shots & you get to say Yes! to (almost) everything.

  8. Get picky. Find a farm with raspberries, strawberries, or even flowers!