summer fun without the kids

Because when the kids are away, we play a different way...


  1. Watch the sunset. Head to the beach & watch it all go down.
  2. Mix it up! Master one or more of these inspiring summer cocktails.

  3. Enjoy a lazy afternoon. In a hammock with that guilty-pleasure book you’ve been meaning to read.

  4. Take a hike. No really, take one. By yourself, with a friend or with the pooch.

  5. Treat yourself. Restock on the essentials: beach towels, new bathing suits, sunglasses, flip flops & don’t forget the SPF.

  6. Host a potluck dinner. Invite your friends, & enjoy an evening of delicious food and even better conversations.

  7. Be herbaceous. Buy some potted herb plants to kick your home-cooked meals up a notch.

  8. Expand your horizon. Take a half day road trip just to see something amazing.