10 ways to give back to your fuzzy best friend

  1. Satisfy their sweet tooth. Simply because you love your furry friend.

  2. Stay active! Run through a pile of fallen leaves.

  3. Add it to the cart. It’s never too early for holiday shopping.

  4. Ruff beyond the dog park. Perhaps a scenic wilderness hike.

  5. Play dress up. Let their alter-egos shine at the Halloween dog parade.

  6. Cultivate kindness. Volunteer with your doggo.

  7. Create a lasting memory & gift! Like this easy imprint.

  8. Be their paparazzi. Post them on Insta, make it go viral & watch the likes will go wild.

  9. Visit a pumpkin patch. Let your pal sniff out the best one.

  10. Grab a bite. Here are restaurants with canine menus.