8 Ways To Express Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Start the holiday season right with a heart full of thanks.

grateful (1).JPG
  1. Give back. With random acts of kindness or volunteer for your local food & clothing drive.  

  2. Cook with heart. Make your meals together to help connect you more with your loved ones.  

  3. Make gratitude a tradition. Create a gratitude jar to appreciate all your blessings.

  4. Get personal. Find some time in your busy schedule to express gratitude in these creative ways.

  5. Set intentions. Use these thoughts to manifest & fuel loving energy & goals.

  6. Create new memories. Share these fun activities with friends & family - spread the joy!

  7. Acknowledge the memories you have. Take out those photo albums and revisit all the great fortune you’ve been able to experience. And the biggest way to show your gratitude?...  

  8. No cell phones! Break away from your digital world & press refresh on your connection with the true bounty of your world.