5 Ways to Use Lemons Around Your Home

More lemons please!


1. Style your bath. Add sliced lemons to your bath as a natural detox for your body & to boost that instagrammable moment

2. Decor around the house. Fresh or dried sliced lemons make the perfect touch

3. Revive and refresh your wardrobe whites with an all-natural mixture great for whitening whites

4. Natural highlighter. Go old-school & add a few sun kissed streaks to your hair

5. Homemade limoncello. Some time & patience is worth the boozy cause

5 Tiny But Life Changing Things To Try

181015-DCD-037 copy.jpg

1. Set a consistent wake time. Sleep experts say it helps you sleep better through the night

2. Find a healthy & easy breakfast that you actually love. Building a good breakfast routine is a little thing that can make a big difference.

3. Make time or self-care. Invest in soft & well-made bath towels to greet you after your bathing ritual.

4. Meditate more. Even a few minutes can make an impact.

5. Try the Marie Kondo way. ‘Spark joy’ to declutter your life.

Kick-Start The New Year

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!


1. Flush the toxins out. In addition to drinking plenty of water, try these detoxing juices.

2. Cook more meals. Simple & healthy recipes you’ll actually want to eat.

3. Get Physical! Establish an exercise routine that fits your needs & schedule. Try Classpass, you can find an array of wellness & fitness classes based on location & time.

4. Learn a new skill. What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? Give it a try & make it a hobby!

5. Be a good companion to yourself. Be kind, respectful, treat yourself well & more importantly give yourself more recognition!

‘Tis The Season To Feeling Buzzed & Bright


It’s the holidays! What better way to feel festive by spending time with friends & family over new & delicious cocktails?

1. Jingle Juice. This punch bowl will surely keep the good times rolling all night.  

2. Blood Orange Spritz. For the citrus-minded.

3. Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Decadent & boozy are one hell of a match.

4. Spiked Apple Cider. The holiday gift that keeps on giving.

5. Cranberry Hot Toddy. Holiday twist on a winter classic.

A Few Ways To Give Thanks This Month

Here’s to the season of giving

Harvest pillows.jpg

1. Volunteer. This app makes it easy to find local opportunities to lend a hand.

2. Reach out. Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, or go old school & mail them a hand-written card telling them why they are so special to you.

3. Donate. Clear your home of items you no longer need & give to those who do!

4. Express gratitude. Make it part of your daily routine to everyone around you.

5. Gift someone. Say thanks with something beautiful & useful.

5 Random Acts Of Self-Kindness

Devote this month to enhance your well-being


1. Connect with your senses. Take a solo morning walk or a relaxing bath.

2. Expand your comfort zone. Join a meetup or travel somewhere new.

3. Upgrade your everyday items. Improve the sustainability of the things around you.

4. Set new goals for yourself. Keep a journal to stay on track.

5. Meditate. Calm & focus the mind to connect to your inner workings.

The Do's For This Summer's Mercury Retrograde

Its made a triumphant return


Misunderstandings, travel delays, technology issues, not to mention emotional and behavioral changes, are just a few known traits of Mercury being in retrograde again. Frustrating, especially in Leo season. However there are ways to survive and thrive over the next 3-weeks. Here’s our list:

1. Build an epic playlist. Curate songs to help you tune out the world & tune into yourself

2. Extra self-care. Meditate, get a massage, take walks, or stay inside & binge watch your favorite shows

3. Reconnect with old friends. Gather for a picnic & get sentimental

4. Clear your home's energy. Burn some sage & re-energize with fresh soft bath towels